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Come support me at the 4th Affordable Photo Fair @ Arab Street

Look, learn and leave with local art!

Whether you are starting as a new collector or buying a gift for someone, the wide range of prints you will find at the Affordable Photo Fair are original and unique. Best of all, it’s a great chance to speak to the artist about his or her inspiration and works. Carefully selected by Objectifs, this small but exciting event promises a diverse variety of photography styles, from conceptual photography, to travel, documentary and fine art by both established and emerging photographers based in Singapore.

Participating Photographers include:
Angeline Tng // Phua Boon Wah // Deanna Ng // Dennis Ng // Jean Qingwen Loo // Choo Meng Foo // Nurul Huda // Philipp Aldrup // Sophie Jarry // Shaun Tan  // Lim Swee Cheng // Ulla Gratton // Chia Yan Wei

. Date: Nov 21, Sat
. Time: 11am - 7pm
. Venue: Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Filmmaking (56A Arab Street, corner of Arab Street and Baghdad Street)

For more information, visit http://www.objectifs.com.sg/apf

some thoughts

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“I think you need to pay to develop as much of that film as you can afford. Do it tomorrow. Right now it’s like a clog in a drain. Creative work should be flowing through you steadily always. It seems to me that the most successful designers and artists are always producing. When you hold work in process like this, it creates attachments. How much do you hope the photos in that fridge will be great? Attachment is really dangerous; it makes it hard for you to judge the real successes and failures of your work.”

- Street Level Japan


You know you’ve put in your hours when you need a holiday.

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Thank you to those who came down to support the exhibition. It was successful and i guess i’m happy i got the chance to show my work to a wider audience. Thanks Michele for featuring me on culturepush as well.

The prints are finally off the wall, one is hanging in my room. It’s quite huge though so the other 3 prints are just collecting dust on the floor. Maybe i’ll change the print every month haha.

It’s been busy balancing work and passion, but fret not i’m still trying my best to keep the dream alive. I’m going to be selling prints 21st November with Objectifs, details of which i will share soon. So please continue to support my work!

It’s going to be a big rush to get my prints in order, not forgetting the huge costs. Oh boy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Second exhibition. Support needed!

The Unfamiliarity of the Familiar

Class of 2008 Reunion Show

Photography Exhibition featuring the works of Chen Wei Li, Ulla Gratton, Malcolm Koh, Jean Qingwen Loo, Kevin Seow, Mulyadi Syariffudin Tan Ching Yee, Tan Bee Hoon Shaun Tan.


The Unfamiliarity of the Familiar presents the photographic works of nine diversely different individuals coming together to present their point of views and their take on the world and issues around them. These individuals – students, homemakers, and young professionals amongst them, use the language of photography to create their narratives on themes ranging from alienation, familial ties, identity to sexuality.
Among these artists a common thread runs through their presented works. The intention of each artist is to bring a facet of their experience of the unfamiliar in things that are familiar to us. In the process of doing so, a new light is shed on sights and scenes that are commonly seen around us such that they become somewhat less predictable and a little more unfamiliar.
Despite the diversity of the themes and influences found in the works, the exhibition aims to achieve cohesiveness in the overall presentation through strategic investigative motifs and approaches. And in so doing, it is hoped that these approaches will give rise to new insights and spectacles of the modern world.

By Francis Ng / curator
Francis Ng is a local award-winning mixed media artist

Venue: The Arts House at Old Parliament
1 Old Parliament Lane
Dates: 1 Oct till 21 Oct 2009
Opening Hours: 10 am – 10pm daily
Details: Prints on display. Open to public. Free admission.
Guided Tour: 10 Oct 2009 (Sat) 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Official Opening: 30 Sept 2009 (Wed) 7.30pm – 10pm

A group show i’m putting up with 8 fellow photographers. For anyone interested to experience a slice of the local arts scene, please join us on the 30th of Sept, 7.30 pm for the launch of the exhibition. There will be drinks and light snacks and a whole lot of funky people to meet. Best time to ask questions as the photographers will be down on that day only! For those who can’t make it that day, please come down anytime through the span of the exhibition. We will love you just as much.

Hope to see you there! For any questions feel free to email me at peepeedog[at]gmail.com


Leica Launch at Oosh

Silly me, didn’t bring my camera. All i can show for it is the brochure and price list.

That says SGD 11,388 for the M9 Body, grey/silver or black. SGD 3,200 for the X1. Yes! 3K, 3Gs, 3 whatchamacallit for a point and shoot. Which can probably buy you a second hand summilux.

Got to know some great photographers and fiddled around with the M9. This was THE dream. Full Frame M, who could resist? Unfortunately…

I’ve never handled the M8 so i can’t compare, but handling wise it was smooth as butter. The shutter was rather loud but satisfying. Everything looks good…. except for the most important part - the sensor.

I thought full frame would be awesome. When people think full frame, they tend to think high ISO, thanks to big C and big N over at the other corner. I immediately used ISO 1600. Noise was terribly, especially in shadows. too high perhaps. ISO 640. Noise was less, but still rather obvious. Banding in certain areas too. Oh my. ISO 400. Noise was still present in the shadows. Purple ones. What’s going on Leica? This wasn’t one shot, i spent a good half hour with the camera walking around shooting stuff. Even tried a 28mm cron and 35 lux :D

I contemplated buying this, but i think i’m going to wait. I might still get that D700x that’s coming up.

or… i’ll stick to my M6. Who is retarded because it has a stuck frame counter.

On a side note, got to play with the X1 as well. Not too impressed, but the noise handling seems to be better than the M9. Don’t get all grouchy on me, this is viewed from the LCD. Didn’t get a chance to take the files home to see it on the screen. We’ll wait for experts to come up with a theory. The S2 i didn’t even touch. At 37,000+++ i was too afraid.


Sorting through prints

Sorting through prints for an upcoming group show at the Singapore Arts House. My table’s one big mess. More details about the exhibition soon! Hope you guys can come.

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